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NIGHTLIFE teams Swedish illustrator Bastian Jonsson, French color artist Yann Duminil and writer/editor Dale Lazarov to bring you gay erotic comics set in gay nightlife. A chance meeting at an open mike night at a gay bar leads two scruffy queer folkies to practice their creativity and skills in the bedroom with each other in "Hard Cases". In "Layover", a young handsome businessman and a leonine muscle daddy meet at an airport bar as all flights are cancelled; they turn the setback in their travel plans into an overnight affair to remember. Finally, "Closing Time" features a hot, scary biker bouncer at a goth club who manages to overcome the initial rejection of the muscly, hairy, scrappy punk boy of his dreams...




SKU: 1939888700
  • Dale Lazarov
    Bastian Jonsson
    Yann Duminil

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