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A jealous girlfriend trips on acid; a spa worker is challenged to take control of her fate. A haunted jeep parks in front of student housing. A sex worker grows wings; a hitchhiker is picked up by someone she never expected. Welcome to the Big City, where anything can happen...and very often does.In this debut collection from C E Hoffman, explore the humanity of sex workers ("whores") and people who are proudly sexual ("sluts"). Each story questions stereotypes that are long out of date, merging horror with heartache, and magic with the mundane.


Table of Contents:

Nice Day to Get Laid*


You Only Die Once

Poppy's Game

First Date #1

Too Many Dreams

The Horror of Zen;

The Peace of Pain;

The Lie of Reality

Fun Farm

Fly, My Pretty

This Happened #1

The Power of Pepper Spray

First Date #2

Forget About Me

Mania for 1 (Only Human)

These Are the Things I Want to Scream

Soulfuck (novel excerpt)

My Right (Of Passage) (novel excerpt)

First Date #3

On Ezekiel Simon Bowery and His Unfortunate Curse

Drinking On the Balcony

Let It Heal


This Happened #2

First Date #4

Dead Beth

February 24, 20XX


What I Wish I Could Write On My Bumble Profile

I Could Have Danced All Night (My First Orgy)

I Am He


Between Lines/Legs

I wish I said this but blocked her instead

We Know How to Die


Bass Lines,

And Suicide.

Have You Seen V? (novel excerpt)


Bloom (Blowjobs)

Thank You



Sluts and Whores

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  • C.E. Hoffman

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