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When his free-spirited mother decides he's getting too old for a life on the road with her, sixteen year old Jordan Burke is sent back to live with his stepfather in the quirky town of Possibly, Texas. Jordan hasn't seen his stepfather in several years, and they don't exactly hit it off immediately. Left to his own devices, he has nothing to do but familiarize himself with his new home. Almost immediately, Jordan begins to wonder why everyone in the town is so weird, if the graveyard is really haunted, if the lady in the tent on the square can really contact the dead, why the radio station, AMOR, only plays one song all day long, if the church is actually a cult, who's sending the mysterious love letters to Shirlene that are tacked up on the wall inside the post office, and what the boy with Poliosis is building in the barn down by Susurrus Creek. After a while, Jordan begins to wonder if he'll ever have all of the answers. Regardless, the town is quite possibly the best place to be.



Possibly Texas

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  • Chase Connor

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