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Complement any game night with 75 deliciously clever Dungeons & Dragons-themed cocktails and bar bites to sustain any group of players for any time of day.


Entertain fabulously while you adventure in your next D&D campaign! Puncheons & Flagons is a delightful and fun-filled cocktail and snacks book filled with fare that would be served up at your character's favorite tavern, inn, or market along the Sword Coast. All seventy-five dishes, created by a professional recipe developer, are easy to prepare and provide everything you need for hosting and entertaining with D&D flair.


Dishes are organized by in-world drinking establishment and by base ingredient with options for every occasion--especially game nights!--including:


  • Adventurous cocktails such as Necromancer and Hand of Vecna
  • Batch cocktails such as Candlekeep Tea and Faerie Fire
  • Nonalcoholic concoctions such as Mourning Cup and Baldurian Tonic
  • Tasty morsels such as Luiric Rarebit and High Sun Florentines

Drink up!



Street Date: August 27, 2024

Puncheons and Flagons: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cocktail Book

SKU: 1984862529
  • Andrew Wheeler

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