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MY LORD is a queer, slow-burn erotic gothic horror novel about rediscovering yourself after trauma-with kinky, blood-drinking immortals and polyamory. It can be read as a standalone.


After losing hearth and home, Meya attempts to escape the traumatic memories by travelling east. In 13th century Tristanja, however, it's not safe to be alone.


A local slave trader catches wind of the kinless woman and abducts her in the dead of night. Beaten and abused, the now meek Meya is sold to Lord Deminas. He's known to be cruel, yet becomes strangely protective of his new chambermaid, punishing anyone who dares hurt her. After cutting her to drink her blood, he even uses his own to heal her wounds.


Meya and her paramour wonder if Deminas' dark secret is why servants regularly vanish, including the lord's previous chambermaids. However, the two women quickly learn that Lord Deminas isn't the only danger lurking in the castle's shadows.



My Lord (The Transcended #1)

SKU: 9083334600
  • L.B. Shimaira

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