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Agon is a game of fast-paced heroic adventure inspired by ancient legends. The Hero Players create heroes who wander from island to island, engaging in contests, resolving strife, appeasing the gods, and seeking their way home. The Strife Player presents each island—its strife, opponents, and other characters—by revealing the situation, asking leading questions, and judging contests.


Each session contains an adventure on a dangerous island. Every island suffers from strife which the heroes fight to overcome with their strength, courage, and wits. The gods watch and judge, granting favor or wrath, depending on how the heroes resolve the situation.


Each island takes approximately two to four hours to play through, depending on the size of the group and your desire to wax poetic or dive right into the action. When the heroes leave and continue their voyage, the gods light their way among the stars of the Vault of Heaven, leading them to the next island and closer to returning home.



SKU: 9781613171752
  • Evil Hat Productions

  • 978-1-61317-175-2

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