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I'm The Same is a powerful novel about the experience of being bi-racial in America and the feeling of loneliness while being torn with nowhere to feel welcome. The novel explores grief and the willpower to survive not just your past, but Mother Nature's fury.

Kodak is half Hispanic and half White as he grew up in a small southern town. After graduating college, he moved to the Oregon coast for a writer fellowship to start a new life. Kodak quickly meets a local bookstore owner and her best friend. Together they learn to navigate and accept their differences and form an unbreakable bond. When disaster strikes, he must find the courage to fight not only for his survival but for the people he loves.

Potent, uplifting, loving, and accepting, I'm The Same is a striking novel that is sure to last the ages.



I'm The Same

SKU: 9798218312503
  • James Ungurait

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