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This holiday, two of Texas's most beloved sweethearts
are finally gettin' hitched. Everyone in the small town of Spruce
is overjoyed as the winter wedding kicks off.


Everyone except Malcolm Tucci.


Forced to attend the festivities with his father catering the event,
the stone-hearted, grudge-carrying, holiday-hating Malcolm
is brought face-to-face with Bobby, the soccer boy groom he could've had,
and Jimmy, the dancer who stole him away.


What he didn't count on was having his feet swept out from under him
by the rugged, pretty-eyed, and insufferably cocky Samuel.


Is it too late for Malcolm to believe in romance again?
Or is this holiday wedding about to get crashed?


✔️ M/M opposites attract
✔️ Holiday rom-com
✔️ Small-town


Have you read all the books in the Spruce Texas series?
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Born Again Sinner
Rebel At Spruce High
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Hopeful Romantic



Hopeful Romantic

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