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Monte has always been able to live up to the never-ending demands of his pastor father and the Church, but on the last day of his senior year, he runs into trouble: Amias, an adorable boy with a glowing smile and cologne that would make angels sing.
Monte's encounters with Amias begin with harmless glances, but they quickly morph into something more dangerous when Amias selflessly inserts himself into Monte's life on the last day of high school. Suddenly, Monte can't focus on his religious commitments, and the problem only gets worse when the Church learns of his dark secrets, ruining his last summer at home.
With the Church behind him and college just beginning, Monte finds himself unraveling as his inexplicably consuming feelings for Amias help him discover a world of love he's never known.



Because I Remember You

SKU: 9798408260362
  • Trey Burwell

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