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Tyler was a regular high school student until he was thrust into a fantasy world of magic and dragons. Now his new world is threatened and he must fight to find a way home and save his friends lives.

Tyler Wilson isn’t special, in fact with his only skill being getting good grades he doesn’t care about, he’s less than average. But when his best friend Danny tells him he only has three months to live, Tyler does something crazy. Gathering up his friends they run away for one last summer together before Danny inevitably dies.

When the three decide to steal from a mysterious bookstore, their entire world changes overnight. Thrust into a magical fantasy land full of dragons and monsters, Tyler must fight for his life. Now he’s searching for his friends and a way to get back home while vicious dragon attacks are on the rise. The appearance of a mysterious sage could be their only hope or their doom.

Can he find his friends before it’s too late or will they all be trapped in this dangerous new world forever?

The Grimoire of Kings

SKU: 9798411298352
  • Blake R Wolfe

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