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The Gathering only lasted for seven days, but it ended up being a lot more of an adventure than Jason had expected. Now it's time to head home, and Jason is excited to sleep in his own bed and hang out with John, Tyler, and Annabeth again.

Jason learned a lot, and he's eager to put that knowledge to use. If his ideas work, it could totally revolutionize how Sandy and the crew make charms-allowing them to heal, train, and defend the House even better than before.

So when the rotten mages show up, Jason is still feeling confident in himself and his new knowledge.

He has a new shield. He's fought for his life in the arena. His matrix is much denser than before.

He's a warrior mage now and stronger than ever before.

What could possibly go wrong?



Buried Mage

SKU: 9798433453678
  • Michael Taggart

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