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This Halloween, things are about to get super freaky between me and my hunky obsession.


I'm completely infatuated with Byron, the gorgeous, tight-shirted barista at the coffee shop on the corner.
But he doesn't even know my name. That's probably because I can't seem to form a sentence in front of him without stammering like a total loser.


I obviously need help.


I just didn't expect that help to come in the form of an obnoxious straight ghost who haunts my apartment.


He is the absolute worst roommate I never asked for. He's cocky, self-assured, and the lessons in confidence he wants to give me are questionable.


But if I have any hope of scoring a date this Halloween with Byron, I'm going to need my ghost roommate's help.


I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get the guy.



My Ghost Roommate: A Halloween Male/Male Romance

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