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He thought he knew how to save the world. What he doesn't know could change everything.

As the newly-crowned King of the Winter Court, Florian's responsibilities have only grown since he first arrived in the Veil. Still, saving the world seems more appealing than ruling a dying kingdom, so together he and Kade find a reprieve from his new station far to the north with the wolf clan. Meeting Kade's family is a little awkward, with how new their relationship is-and a little bittersweet, as Florian learns what life in the Veil is like outside the Winter Court. But nothing good can last, and duty still calls. The next Golden Arrow is only a day's journey away.

But retrieving it raises more questions than answers, so Florian and Kade seek out the one who set everything in motion in the first place: the mysterious hag who first told Florian's father the prophecy that he would save the world. After hearing what she has to say, though, Florian almost wishes he hadn't known after all...

THE DRAWN ARROW, book two of the Chronicles of the Veil, is a steamy MM paranormal romance featuring fae, shifters, and a trans MC. This 18+ novel contains adult situations.



The Drawn Arrow

SKU: 9798498943688
  • Lionel Hart

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