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What if their fake relationship wasn't ever just pretend?Sage Carson has a messy reputation. Sure, she's a soccer star with World Cup trophies and Olympic medals, but she's almost as well known for her rebellious behavior off the pitch. She's left enough gorgeous women with broken hearts in her dust to fill a roster. That was, until she got injured. Now, her frustratingly-slow recovery means she'd better secure this new squeaky-clean endorsement deal in order to get back on top.Sweet, sunshiny Willa Bellamy has a crisis on her hands. She's used to it - as an events coordinator for the Denver Zoo, it's her job to handle crises. But when she receives an invite to her ex's wedding, she's not so sure it'll be as easy to handle as an escaped emu during a Girl Scout sleepover. Even worse, when the bachelorette party invite mentions that couples are welcome, she realizes she's the sole single person invited. Fifteen years ago, Willa and Sage roamed the same halls of Edgelake High School. When their paths cross again, they decide to team up to solve both their problems - a stable, albeit fake, relationship to snag the endorsement deal and a hot soccer star to make the couples getaway sting a little less... But when the lines between real and fake start to blur, will they be able to keep the growing heat between them just a game or will they start playing to win?


Never Mine: A Lesbian Romance

SKU: 9798502166195
  • Bryce Oakley

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