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They were enemies as children. They fell in love as teenagers.
They had no idea the storm that awaited them as adults.

Time slows down for no one.
That's a lesson Beau and Caleb were about to learn.

With each chapter taking place five years later,
this heart-tugging novel will take you on an emotional journey
through the lives of two men - who couldn't be more wrong for each other.

Caleb Fletcher was a shy and lonely kid who desperately wanted a friend.
He never dreamed that friend would come in the form of the troublemaking Beau Whitman,
who was the neighborhood nightmare on the other side of the fence.

Their friends hated each other.
Their families kept them apart.
But Caleb refused to believe that Beau was a bad person.
He knew deep down, the troubled kid was lost and hurting inside.

It would be that same belief Caleb carried with him into teenhood,
when emotions grew more complicated, and the fine line between good and bad blurred.

It would be his hope that drove him through his college years,
when the consequences of their pasts would catch up to them.

It would be their love that was tested into adulthood,
when their lives were on the brink of achieving everlasting happiness
or falling to pieces.

Can Beau and Caleb's love withstand the test of time?



When I See You Again

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