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My heart's about to get wrangled in Chad's wicked little game.
I left behind my countryside hometown of Spruce, Texas
and my teenage tormentor Chad Landry
to start over, pursue a career,
and make a new name for myself.


Fast forward ten years,
and I'm back in Spruce for my high school reunion
to confront my past
and to face the boy who made my teen years hell.
I'm no longer the vulnerable teenager I once was,
and I'll guarantee you this:
Chad won't have any power over me.


But all the mental preparation in the world
couldn't possibly prepare me for the sight
of the hot, gorgeous, and hunky rancher
that Chad has become,
nor the secret
he's been waiting ten long years to tell me.


Chad's got things to say.
And I've got a score to settle.


Someone's poor little heart is about to get wrangled
in a game it is sure to lose.


NOTE: Though the story addresses past bullying, it contains no actual bullying or violence. "Wrangled" is a small-town, enemies-to-lovers romance loaded with humor, high romantic tension, and southern sass.


*** This is a southern male/male romance set in the same fictional small town as "Football Sundae", "Born Again Sinner", and "Heteroflexible". Though this book takes place between the last chapter and the epilogue of "Heteroflexible", it can be read entirely on its own.


Love is always brewin' in Spruce, Texas!
Have you read all the books in the series?
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Born Again Sinner
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