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 runaway slave...A mysterious crystal...One man will change the fate of the world. Dusk is days away from being sold to the highest bidder. After ten years in the salt mines, the noble who owns him is ready to make a profit and Dusk has to deal with the consequences. The day before the trader arrives he comes across an uncharted cave. Delving inside he finds the crystallized remains of a dragon, a creature not seen in more than a thousand years. Compelled by a strange power, he plucks the crystal from the dragon’s eye, stowing it away in his boot. The next day his caravan is attacked. Dusk takes his chance to make a daring escape and finds himself in the unforgiving wilds of the empire. Knowing he’ll be hunted, he strikes off west, heading for the border. Unknowingly he has begun to turn the hands of fate as a shadow draws ever closer, making the road perilous.

Book #1 of the Crystalline Chronicles The Crystal Eye is a character driven, LGBTQ forward epic fantasy adventure filled with magic, dragons, ancient ruins, and a brand new world that has never been seen. 

The Crystal Eye

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  • Blake R Wolfe

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