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The crystal sleeps...The road is long...Dangers lie around every corner. After a daring escape and narrowly avoiding an army marching to war, Dusk and his companions head south across the wild plains of the empire. They soon find their way is barred by not only the weather and the landscape, but the monsters that lurk within it. After a dangerous trek through an unnaturally misty bog. With the help of a new friend, the group draws ever closer to Emerald Deep, their last stop before fleeing the empire for good. However, it seems the closer Dusk gets to his intended goals, the more dangerous the world becomes. War presses in all around them while the Circle shadows Dusk’s every step, silent and unseen until it’s far too late.

Book #2 of the Crystalline Chronicles

The Crystal Archivist is a character-driven, LGBTQ-forward epic fantasy adventure filled with magic, dragons, ancient ruins, and a brand new world that has never been seen.

The Crystal Archivist

SKU: 9798700829977
  • Blake R Wolfe

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