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Boy-crazy Banshee is beginning his freshman year at Indiana University in Bloomington and he's determined to have fun. It doesn't take him long to find one boy and then another, but soon a secret admirer begins to leave gifts hanging on his door. Is it one of his hookups? Kal perhaps? Wade? Or, maybe Cade or Colton, one of the blond twins? Perhaps it's one of Banshee's many friends determined to make his first year at IU memorable. Banshee's desire is to have a good time and not get serious, but should he rethink his plan? He sets out to learn the identity of his secret admirer, hoping it's Caden, the gorgeous blond ballet dancer on his floor, but no matter who, he must find out. Not knowing is driving him mad.



Bloomington Boys: Banshee

SKU: 9798857049655
  • Mark A Roeder

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