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Jasper and Tenchi desperately battle against an army of dark foes after Morgan La Fay unleashes ancient magic upon Earth to enact her vengeance against the wizard, Merlin.


The First King returns from the abyss to wage war amongst the realms. Reclaiming his glory and throne requires the strength of the legendary sword, Excalibur-- paid with the blood of the fallen.


The Fae Prince Igocataal's death triggered an ancient apocalyptic prophecy feared by the kingdoms of Avalon. The Rebirth of the Phoenix King. The fate of the cosmos depends on his ability to unify with his sacred guardian mage, Pyralis. Without his blessing, the eternal flame raging within his soul will erupt and cleanse the universe of life.



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Rebirth of the Phoenix King

SKU: 9798885890977
  • Joseph Harkreader

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