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A Lords of Davenia Novel


Mouse never dreamed he would miss his old life on the streets. Yet, here he was.


Life in the Night Fingers was nothing like he had expected or had been promised. The untimely death of guild master Surev had brought Jardem Blacksworn into power, and this new guild master somehow knew things that could land Mouse in a dungeon. Or worse. Mouse is trapped, blackmailed, doing Jardem's bidding for no coin, gaining no status, no allies, and no respect.


But Jardem is up to something. The strange document he had Mouse pinch from a rich merchant's bedroom has garnered some unwelcome attention for Mouse. Most notably, from the Shadow Elite, a secretive and deadly organization working against the powers of the crown. Signs point to Jardem keeping this document for himself. If Mouse can learn what it is, it could be the leverage he needs to break free from the guild forever.


But the document is more dangerous than he realizes. Anyone connected to it winds up dead. And those hunting it are growing desperate. If Mouse is to escape from under Jardem's heel, he needs to not only keep himself alive but also the strikingly handsome and rather naïve merchant who may be the key to the whole mystery.



Mouse: Scoundrel at Large

SKU: 9798985670141
  • Mason Thomas

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