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For Rafael, the hits keep coming—losing his job, quarantine lockdown, bills piling up, and now…dumped by his boyfriend.

When a bad day seems only destined to get worse, something finally goes right. Retired porn legend Jean Locke Holmes stops by the used bookstore where Rafael managed to pick up a few hours. This is a man Rafael idolizes and has had many dirty fantasies about. Shockingly, Holmes seems to take a liking to Rafael. Sparks soon fly between the two men.


But sparks also fly on stage. During a charity performance featuring Locke at the recently-closed Nob Hill Theatre, a set of lights comes crashing down—and it's clear this was no accident. Someone is out to murder porn stars.


But Holmes is a man of surprises. With his keen eyes and a knack for spotting details others miss, he soon leads Rafael hot on the trail of clues in a deadly chase. But will they catch the murderer before the murderer catches them?



The Phantom of Nob Hill Theater

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  • John Luke Maxwell

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