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Dorset, England, Summer 1988.

At the suggestion of his psychiatrist, Peter, a transgender man recovering from PTSD, returns to the holiday resort he visited as a child in the hopes of finding some peace and respite. It's just like he remembers: the pebble beach and rolling waves, the fairground full of lights and laughter, the cosy caravan park. It's a beautiful summer and Peter is sure he's going to have a great vacation...

But all of that is shattered when he meets a strange woman on a motorcycle, a woman who insists that this idyllic resort is the home of a lurking evil. Even after witnessing the murder of a girl who isn't quite human, Peter still has his doubts. He looks around and sees only sun, sea and sand. He sees only memories of his grandparents and visions of his childhood. Where is this evil, if it's truly present? Where are the vampires that are supposedly sucking the life out of people?

Soon, though, things start to get weird and Peter decides he can no longer ignore it. There's something strange about the town, especially the hotel on the hill that overlooks the entire resort: the Sapphire Deep Hotel. A luxury guesthouse for rich patrons, seemingly out of place amongst the caravan- and tent-dwelling visitors.

It's not long before Peter comes to see the hotel as the centre of the undercurrent of darkness, and the only way to find the source of this darkness is to go in.

The Sapphire Deep

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  • Nem Rowan

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