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Caught in the crossfire of his chaotic flatmates' one-sided romance, and a landlady on a rampage, Gabriel is just trying to get to work on time and avoid burning dinner. Throw in a plumbing emergency, overstaying cats, a public and painful proclamation of love, and a trip to the hospital - even the laid-back Gabriel is frazzling. Then there's Arthur. Sweet, adorable, and eager to please - all qualities that had so charmed Gabriel. Though, that's also how you might describe a puppy. And puppies are a lot of work.


Gabriel has his man - now he must decide if Arthur is worth it...


Slip and Slide is a quick, light, and fun read - the second in the completed Rise and Shine series, but this time Gabriel's calling the shots. It's filled with buckets of banter, dashes of comic tragedy, and more food and booze than any story ought to have. Our boys are surrounded by a cast of chaotic characters and thrown into the most unlikely situations. Their story started in Duck and Dive, continues in Slip and Slide, and concludes in Over and Out.



Slip And Slide

SKU: 0473590727
  • G.B. Ralph

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