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Boy meets boy . . . meets boy . . . meets boy!
Explore the heartwarming and hilarious world of WEBTOON Originals Boyfriends series, a webcomic about getting yourself a boyfriend . . . or multiple boyfriends! Learn to Draw Boyfriends brings fans closer to the heart of the story with exclusive content and offers aspiring artists the tools to master the art of drawing the lovable characters.


For the devoted fan or the casual reader, Learn to Draw Boyfriends offers a treasure trove of insights and exclusive behind-the-scenes content to discover. Gain a deeper understanding of Prep, (Vincent), Goth (Felix), Jock (Kevin), and Nerd (Adrian), their quirks, and the inspirations behind the tender, romantic webcomic. Laugh-out-loud funny and always heartwarming, Boyfriends is filled to the brim with moments of pride big and small.


Beyond being a delightful treat for existing fans, this book caters to the aspiring artists who wish to capture the essence of the college boys' charm. The step-by-step tutorials and expert advice empower readers to hone their artistic skills and perfectly re-create the cute characters' distinctive features--from their faces to their bodies, to expressions and group dynamics.


Its unique blend of character exploration and artistic guidance makes it an essential guide for anyone captivated by the world of Boyfriends. Whether you're a devoted fan or a budding artist looking to create your own charming romance, this book is a must-have companion.



Learn to Draw Boyfriends

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