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Rob Wagner remembers everything. Even things that haven't happened yet. Things that might never happen. Things that are possible, things that are probable, and things that are possibly inevitable. Nothing is set in stone yet--and the future balances on the edge of a knife. However, one thing is for certain...Rob is no longer Jacob Michaels.When Rob remembers his past, more than a decade of his life lost for a specific purpose, he now has to face his Oma, learn how to be Rob Wagner again, and figure out if saying anything about it will put the love of his life in more danger. However, his biggest problem isn't the fact that he now has his memories back. An oracle with vague advice, a book that drinks blood, a pack of werewolves, and a figure in a long, black, hooded cloak foretell a potentially dystopian future.How's a guy supposed to live a quiet life away from Hollywood, take in a bawdy drag show, and have lots of great sex with a man he loves deeply if forces of evil keep getting in his way?



Jacob Michaels is Not Here

SKU: 1071463063
  • Chase Connor

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