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Jacob Wagner lays in the muck at the edge of the woods, heart in his throat, breath coming in gasps, whispers filling his ears. A wolf howl sounds in the distance. Running for his life, Rob does everything he can to escape the visions and whispers...but some creatures are faster. By the time morning comes, a person will be dead and Rob will be unsure of whether or not he is responsible. With the help of Lucas, Rob has to quickly find out what exactly is going on--if they could just keep their hands off of each other. There is also the nagging feeling that Rob and Lucas can't trust their memories. Nor are they sure that they actually remember everything as it has happened. Things get even more complicated when Sheriff Dennard lets on that he knows who Rob really is. Throw a werewolf pack and its Alpha into the mix, a horde of paparazzi, Kobolds who can't decide who they are loyal to, and odd flashes of memories and dreams, and Rob can't help but want to give up.Most importantly...what is down in the cellar? If Rob figures that out...can life ever be the same? Or will everything start to get back to normal?



Jacob Michaels is Not Jacob Michaels

SKU: 1093567511
  • Chase Connor

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