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What's a proper Southern lady to do? Mae just wants to see her son Brian happily married. She's introduced him to every eligible girl in town. But for some reason, he never seems to hit it off with them. And then Mae learns the shocking truth: Her son is gay! Oh my. They didn't cover this in charm school. But while Mae doesn't know much about gay men, she is sure of one thing-- her son deserves to be happy. And he won't spend his life alone if she has anything to say about it. She's gonna find that boy the perfect husband, even if she has to go up against her bridge club, her church, and the entire Daughters of the Confederacy to do it. But where does a nice Southern belle go to meet gay men? Shot in November 2009, starring Joanne McGee, Carol Goans, and Stewart Carrico.



You Should Meet My Son!: The Screenplay

SKU: 1449977502
  • Keith Hartman

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