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The next generation of Power Rangers debuts in this brand new graphic novel series, perfect for middle grade readers of Raven and Avatar: The Last Airbender!


If you had a chance to join the Power Rangers, would you do it? 13-year-old Sage lives on an isolated lunar colony with her adoptive father. Her days are spent farming, studying, raising livestock.... But that all changes when during a lunar storm, she comes across the wreckage of an Astro Shuttle, with wounded passengers from an academy founded by the famed Zordon, where the brightest and most clever teens train to protect the universe from evil. People called: Power Rangers. Sage and her friends will join together and work tirelessly to discover the truth of why the Green Ranger was erased from the Power Rangers history. While Sage doubts herself more than ever, she must learn to trust her friends -- and trust herself. But only together can the Rangers-in-training right past wrongs and prevent an ancient enemy's takeover of the academy and contamination of the Morphin Grid! Acclaimed YA author Maria Ingrande Mora makes a morphinominal move into the Power Rangers realm along with superstar artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (Eve: Children of the Moon)! Collects Ranger Academy #1-4.



Ranger Academy Vol 1

SKU: 1608861473
  • Maria Ingrande Mora
    Jo Mi-Gyeong

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