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Everywhere Jacob Michaels goes, trouble follows. Trouble was the reason he ran away from home at sixteen-years-old to go to Hollywood. Trouble was the reason he ran away from Hollywood to come back home to Point Worth, Ohio. Creating trouble everywhere he goes is why he is now standing in the Maumee River next to his bleeding boyfriend while bathed in light.How much trouble can Jacob, Rob Wagner...get into over the course of a day? There will be magic, visions, a gaudy Hollywood manager, tiny household creatures, witches, disposing of dead bodies, werewolves, kidnapping, murder...and flipped chickens. But by the end of the day, lines will be drawn and it will be a race for Rob to get away from it all.Or is it too late for running away to be the answer to all of his trouble?



Jacob Michaels is Trouble

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  • Chase Connor

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