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Nox and Amaris. Two young women connected in their youth, torn apart by forces neither of them could control, fighting tooth and nail to find each other again. But their reunion is sliced apart by a death sentence as Amaris is taken by the queen's dragon, leaving her injured and at the queen's mercy. With few options, Nox forms a partnership with the reevers--the continent's league of peacekeeping assassins--on a mission to find Amaris and achieve stability between kingdoms.

Newfound relationships are navigated as wounds begin to heal. Pushed to grow through impossible obstacles, stretching their magical powers to the limit, and overcoming harrowing odds to establish lasting peace, Nox and Amaris seek to create a world that might reunite them.

With more at stake than ever, one question remains: Is it fate, love, or something else entirely that binds these two women together?



The Sun And Its Shade

SKU: 1728270731
  • Piper CJ

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