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Failure is a sinister song. One that Melody Myere is all too familiar with.


The only child of an acclaimed ghost hunter couple, Melody's First Sacred Hunt should have been a walk in the park. All she needed to do was catch a ghost, like she's done all her life. But when an unexpected wraith showed up causing havoc, Melody was left scarred and embarrassed.


Suffering from depression and PTSD post-hunt, Melody relocates to the sleepy island town of Murkmore, where her parents have been tasked with capturing the ghost responsible for a series of grisly deaths. Determined to prove herself, and despite her parents' protests, Melody sets out to capture the specter on her own.


When a haunting song lures Melody to an abandoned theater, she encounters a recently deceased musical prodigy by the name of Cyrus. All signs point to Cyrus being the killer, but Melody isn't so sure, suspecting something more discordant is afoot.


Haunted by more than just a sinister song, Melody must learn to trust her instincts to catch the killer and prove herself before it's time to face the music.



Street Date: October 1, 2024

Haunting Melody

SKU: 191558518X
  • Chloe Spencer

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