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In this late age, seasons have lost their steady cadence, and the Pomegranate Moon rises over the Mountain.

In the Season of Shadows, a silver light is cast by a moon crowned with an ominous rainbow mist-the Pomegranate Moon. A small, fearful village crouches below, hidden in the shadow of a forbidden sacred mountain rumored to be the gate to Faerie.

Out of the darkness emerges Elsinore-a dancer in a brightly colored dress and rainbow shawls. While she drums a hypnotic beat and dances with floating flames, the townsfolk watch and wonder over her origin and identity-mysteries Elsinore herself seeks the key to.

A hallowed priestess and sorceress, Elsinore has spent a lifetime embracing the woman she has always known herself to be. But deep within, the painful enigma of her youth keeps her shackled to the past, haunted by guilt and grief. Disregarding the whispers and ancient warnings, Elsinore descends into the heart of the Mountain, seeking the final truths of her identity.

Will Elsinore uncover what she needs to become whole, or will she lose herself to the Mountain?



Princess of the Pomegranate Moon

SKU: 1947012266
  • Emily Wynne

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