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Jacob Michaels, er, Rob Wagner is returning to his hometown of Point Worth, Ohio after a decade of living and working as an A-list celebrity in Hollywood. He’s washed up, tired, and in need of the kind of love and care only a grandmother can provide.

Esther Jean Wagner, his Oma, is where she always is—working at the bar she owns, The Red Rooster Tavern. When Rob shows up in the middle of an evening shift, the bar is packed full of Point Worth citizens. Music is playing, sports are on the T.V., and “drunk and disorderly” doesn’t even begin to describe the atmosphere.

Just like old times…kind of.

Things are just as Rob remembers. However, within minutes of his arrival at The Red Rooster Tavern and greeting his Oma, all hell breaks loose. Council agents burst in to get the “situation” under control, and Jacob comes face to face with a long-lost love.

Clearly, it really is like old times.

In the days that follow, Rob hides away at his Oma’s house and tries to relax, but the discovery of a body at The Red Rooster Tavern throws the town of Point Worth into a craze. The list of suspects is minuscule, and Rob finds that he will have to work with his long-lost love to prove his Oma’s innocence.

It’s just another day in Point Worth.



Murder at the Red Rooster Tavern

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  • Chase Connor

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