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Head Rock Harbor Books in the small river town of Head Rock Harbor sees its share of drama. Usually, because Jackson Harper's cat, Rattlesnatches, can't give up his street cat ways and constantly-though, accidentally-terrorizes customers. However, for all of his trying, even Rattlesnatches can't stir up enough trouble to make Head Rock Harbor all that interesting. As a river town, Head Rock Harbor has plenty of shopping, eateries, and festivals for all the major holidays for tourists to enjoy. Still, Head Rock Harbor essentially invented small-town living.

So, when Prescott Pemberton-a local artist who made it big in New York City before moving back to Head Rock Harbor-is found dead in the harbor, it's tragic, but no one suspects foul play. However, when it becomes clear that several people in town might have benefited from his death, questions arise. Was this death by misadventure...or was Prescott murdered?

Jackson's shop is the center of daily gossip, and he hears plenty of whispers surrounding Prescott's death. He's concerned that the citizens of Head Rock Harbor are merely stirring up drama, but he's also concerned that his best friend, Detective Jeremy Morris, isn't taking Prescott's death seriously enough. Jackson's mother-who owns the local trailer park and Harper's Bar, Grill, Bait & Tackle-tells him to mind his business.

Jackson has spent his whole life not listening to his mother. So, what else can he do but check into the gossip swirling around town? But with his best friend, the police chief, and the mayor and her husband ignoring any evidence he uncovers, Jackson finds his only ally is Rattlesnatches.

Hopefully, curiosity doesn't get the cat killed...



Head for Murder: Head Rock Harbor Mystery #1

SKU: 1951860489
  • Chase Connor

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