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Immerse yourself in the alluring realm of Rise of the Queer Vampires, a fresh take on gay erotic fiction. The narrative centers around Antonio De Luca, an Italian youth grappling with his sexual orientation amidst the strict moral codes of his Catholic upbringing. His search for temporary comfort leads him to anonymous sexual encounters, providing fleeting moments of liberation.


However, Antonio's life veers off its usual course one fateful evening when he crosses paths with a mysterious stranger who transforms him into a vampire. This sudden and dramatic change propels Antonio on a heart-stopping journey filled with danger, self-discovery, and an unquenchable thirst - for blood and love.


Rise of the Queer Vampires weaves together sensuality, danger, and suspense, crafting a tale that is as titillating as it is thrilling. Each page is brimming with erotic energy that will ignite your imagination and bring your fantasies to life.



Rise of the Queer Vampires

SKU: 1954604106
  • Franco de Rocco

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