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As new boyfriends, twenty-one-year-olds Tetsu and Rion enjoy a night out on the town together. After a few drinks, they stumble upon a sushi bar that offers a rather special dining experience.


To their surprise, they've arrived during an important function, and the owner of the restaurant believes Tetsu and Rion are the models he hired. As such, they soon discover the lucrative world of nantamoiri-the art of naked men being "dinner plated" so diners can enjoy eating food off them.


So begins their journey into the world of adult entertainment.


Unfortunately for Tetsu and Rion, they quickly realize they've also become involved with the city's underworld; the diners who've paid for their services over the course of a week suddenly claim they own the boys.


Fearing for their lives, and the fact they'll become sex slaves to these men if they refuse them, an undercover cop named Hank offers them their only way out. The result of Hank's help, however, will be something Rion and Tetsu never expected. Not ever!


Publisher's note:
Tetsu and Rion's (as well as Hank's) story is a standalone book, but also continues the "Boyslove in the Gangland District" series.



Catching Two Frogs With One Hand

SKU: 199805506X
  • Kon Blacke

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