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In the Forest of Dahlia's depths, witches have long hidden from the clutches of malicious hunters. But as their numbers dwindle and hope fades, they turn to a sacrifice to create the most formidable witch to ever exist: Ruby, known only as the Red Demon.


Bound by fate, Ruby is thrust into a treacherous quest for freedom, her only ally being Lilith, a witch with the power to glimpse into the future. Together, they venture beyond their sanctuary, stepping into a world of hunters, life-changing discoveries, secrets, royalties, and magic to seek peace for their kind at last.


The girls will soon learn that no battle comes without sacrifice, and their choices hold the power to shape the destinies of all witches.



The Reign of Ruth

SKU: 010978199805516621FHQMT4BH3RHOXPKY1XPO
  • Jazel L Faith

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