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The Sparrow, Book 1 is a 60-page, full-color comic that contains several vignettes introducing the main characters. Take a seat with Scott and his boyfriend, Markos, as Markos tells the stories of how he met the other members of Team Sparrow.


Imagine if all those myths and folktales of the past were real. Creatures like nymphs, goblins, witches, and ogres live among humanity. They integrate so well in modern society that humans barely notice. Some of these supernatural beings stand out as protectors. These mythological superheroes defend the innocent from folklore’s creepies and crawlies. Demigods and guardian spirits clash with demons and beasts. Meanwhile, many supernatural beings make their way the same way we do. They go to their day jobs, raise their children, go out to party and just live their lives.


Follow the story of Scott, son of Apollo, as he learns to navigate the supernatural side of modern society. As Scott awakens his superpowers, he is thrust into this modern, mythological world. Thankfully, he has his boyfriend Markos and the rest of Team Sparrow to help him on the way.

The Sparrow

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