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He's my fiancée's father. Off-limits. So why is he everything I didn't know I craved?


Men. I didn't know I was interested until I met Pierce Cloud. Rugged, rich, adventurous, masculine as hell-he's everything I didn't know I craved.


But he's my fiancée's father. Off-limits.


If only we didn't need him to fund the wedding, then I might be able to say no when he asks us to join him for a seven-day Caribbean cruise.


I'm not sure I can handle being on a small ship in the middle of the ocean with Pierce in such close proximity. He's my future father-in-law... so why do I get the feeling he's about to turn my life, and my sexuality, inside out?




I don't do settling down. That's why my daughter and I have our arrangement: I fund her life, and we both get to do what we want. I thought she took after me, until I get the news she's getting married.


From the moment I meet August Taylor, I know something isn't right. He looks at me like he wants to see me naked, and hell if I don't feel the same way: His dark beard, the hint of a tattoo under his suit-jacket sleeve...


More than that, though, I get the feeling August is hiding something, and I'm determined to figure out what, before he seals the deal with my daughter. So I invite them both on a seven-day Caribbean cruise, free of charge.


When August and I start cruising each other instead of the ocean, it's clear something has sparked between us. But just how far can we take it before the truth comes out?


From New York City to Cozumel, Jamaica and back again, Cruising Future Father-in-Law is a contemporary m/m romance that is full of taboo sex, steam, and true love despite crazy-and sometimes, very awkward-odds.



Cruising Future Father-in-Law: A Taboo MM First-Time Age-Gap Romance

SKU: 9798375403700
  • Clay Walker

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