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Angelo DeRossi is many things. A successful nightclub owner, an experienced and well respected Dominant in the BDSM scene, and, oh yeah, the oldest son and heir to the DeRossi crime syndicate of Santa Notte. Bound by duty from the day he was born, Angelo has been trained to eventually take over the family business. Whether he wants to or not.


Penelope Sweet is your average, low-income twenty-two-year-old. Working part-time as a local barista, Penny is a homebody and a bookworm with a creative mind for cooking. Her lot in life is to keep her head low and get her bills paid. Everything else is window dressing. That is, until she meets the charismatic owner of the infamous club, The Golden Palace. Not only does he seem to take an interest in her, he offers her a job at the club.


A job that she will never take.


When Penny finds herself at the wrong place in the wrong time, Angelo's façade is tossed aside, and the real man beneath the charm steps into the light. A man of violence and danger. A man Penny now must contend with for months if she's ever to see her freedom again.



Blood in the Golden Palace

SKU: 9798789167380
  • Ruth Hanson

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