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Ignite your senses and surrender to a world transformed by fiery desire.


In the wake of a cataclysmic meteor's arrival, humanity finds itself locked in an unending battle against alien creatures from another world. For forty-two years, survival has been a fierce struggle. Amidst the chaos, a single spark of hope emerges: the Starters. Extraordinary women who possess the ability to tap into their deepest desires, channeling their passions into elemental powers strong enough to stave off the impending invasion.


Alanna, a tenacious young woman, dares to dream of becoming a Starter. However, the path to power is treacherous and riddled with danger. With no companions and a seemingly bleak future, she enrolls in Harris Academy. There she is united with a ragtag group of like-minded women, each of them mature enough to undergo the attunement. Only those who can master the art of igniting their lust and longing will manifest an Element. And within these chosen few, only the truly courageous will wield it against the encroaching alien menace.


As the threat from beyond looms ever larger, Alanna's sole chance lies in forging a team of Starters whose abilities complement her own. Yet, survival hinges not just on their fiery passions, but on the strength of the love that binds them. Will their desires be enough to blaze a better future, or will the odds against them leave nothing but ash?


Embark on a captivating journey where desire is both power and salvation. Fire Starter is a sizzling tale of forbidden love, elemental mastery, and the unbreakable bonds that form when passion and courage entwine.


The collection includes all five serial shorts:


Spark: A Fantasy Lesbian Harem Saga
Cinder: A Fantasy Lesbian Harem Saga
Ignite: A Fantasy Lesbian Harem Saga
Blaze: A Fantasy Lesbian Harem Saga
Ash: A Fantasy Lesbian Harem Saga



Fire Starter: The Complete Fantasy Lesbian Harem Saga

SKU: 9798858435822
  • Harmony Fuller

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