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In a modern, magical New York City, tensions between those with and those without Magickal ability are constant. The Templar Order for National Organization, or TONO, was established years ago as a special task force to keep paranormally gifted citizens in line. Magi -- especially those in bigger cities -- live under the thumb of the government. Special curfews, taxes, laws and rules are enforced with impunity, and for Magi with "illegal" abilities, like Kasey, the price of freedom could be too steep to pay.


As a low-wage, part-time worker in the heart of the city, Kasey and his Magi friends tend keep to themselves. One night, the group goes out to enjoy a night at a new bar, when Kasey meets a dashing and mysterious stranger named Logan. He thinks nothing of it until, the morning after, his friend Jesse has gone missing. Just as he and the others start to worry, Logan walks back into his life, revealing that he is in fact a Templar agent who may be involved with Jesse's disappearance. And when Logan discovers that Kasey has the power to hypnotize people at will, Logan makes Kasey a deal with the devil: Help Logan get to the bottom of his case and bring Jesse home safe, or face serious prison time for illegal Charm Magick.


Kasey takes the deal, but it's not as easy as a handshake. Stuck together for days on end, Kasey and Logan butt heads almost instantly. Both are stubborn, strong willed, and quick with a snarky remark. Yet as danger grows, and certain secrets unfold, their one chance at salvation might be to cling to each other and hang on for dear life.



Urban Arcane

SKU: 9798870747743
  • Ruth Hanson

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