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He pulled me into his world by mistake. Now I'm trying like hell to bring him into mine.


It's hard to surprise Gremory. He's been around for millennia, after all. But when this Duke of Hell is accidentally summoned by Scotty Campbell, the big-hearted owner of a struggling antique shop, he realizes there are still people in the world who can provoke his curiosity.


As Gremory lets himself get tangled up in human emotions and earthly delights, Scotty's big heart and quiet strength become irresistible. What started out as strictly business will blossom into a connection that will stretch the laws of Heaven, Hell, and the local village council.


From witty banter to steamy encounters to the genuine joy two kindred souls find when they work toward a common goal, their relationship will push them farther than they ever expected to go. Sparks will fly, but will they be able to save Scotty's shop in time for the town's annual Halloween Festival?


CURIOSITY CAUGHT THE DEMON is a low-angst, small-town, sweet-with-heat romance between a young man and an ancient demon. Expect hot tea, raging infernos, dreams coming true, and a decent amount of sinning. It's part of the POSSESSIVE LOVE anthology series, but it has a self-contained story and can be read as a standalone. 



Curiosity Caught the Demon

SKU: 9798985376913
  • Travis Beaudoin

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