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Ardyn of the Athla'naa finds a strange object, inscribed with the ancient writing of his people. Except, it's all wrong. The artifact is made of a metal he's never seen before, not even among the metal-forging Medellans. What's even stranger; whenever he touches the object, the inscription glows.

In a quest to seek the truth behind this discovery, Ardyn meets Jevan, a Medellan trader. Risking both their lives and the tenuous truce between their people, they venture deep into forbidden woods. What Jevan and Ardyn discover could change their world forever.

Before they can decide what to do, hunters bring them before the Athla'naa Triumvirate, who are intent on making an example of them for daring to trespass in the forbidden woods. Should they face the consequences of their defiance or risk everything to flee and expose the truth?



Artifact of the Dawn (Paperback)

SKU: 9798988316206
  • Grayson Bell

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