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After their failure to stop Abarta and Vianu from summoning the Wild Hunt, Vince and his allies are left scrambling to find a way to save Kinsale—and the world. So when Kennedy provides them with a single long shot that might just do the trick, they assemble a tired but determined team for a dangerous mission.

Venturing into the ancient and mystical forests of Tír na nÓg, the team seeks out the godlike being of mayhem known as the Morrígan. But the forests are fraught with dangers beyond belief, and the Morrígan, in seclusion for over a millennium, may not want to be found.

To make matters worse, Abarta’s forces pursue Vince’s team, upsetting the forest inhabitants and leaving destruction in their wake. Faced with the might of ancient Tuatha relics, the wrath of creatures woken from long slumbers, and the ire of a goddess who will not bow to anyone beneath the faerie queens, Vince and his allies face their toughest challenge yet.

But Vince will not give up on the city he calls home, or the broken human world trying so desperately to heal. So he throws himself headlong into this challenge, willing to fight to the bitter end. Even if it destroys his life. Even if it destroys his humanity. Even if it destroys something fragile and precious he didn’t know he possessed.

What Dusk Divides is the fifth novel of The Frost Arcana, an action-packed urban fantasy series set in a post-apocalyptic world.

What Dusk Divides

SKU: 9781711379913
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  •  Knite and Day Publishing

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