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Sparks fly and old hurts flare as two men too afraid of their feelings discover some things can't be buried.Teddy loves his job working in the Wardrobe department of a theme park, but his love life needs resuscitation. The last thing he expected was his high school best friend and crush walking in to be fitted for a prince costume.Art wants to make it big in Hollywood, and getting a job as a handsome prince might not seem like the obvious first step, but if the rumors are true it could be the break he needs. Instead, he comes face to face with Teddy, the one he left behind.---Tailor Made Christmas is a sweet second chance romance with queer characters, set in a fairy tale themed amusement park. Guaranteed HEA. Some cursing, no cheating. This is a shorter length novella style book



Tailor Made Christmas

SKU: 0473554623
  • Jaxon Knight

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