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What Nigel and Ori know could change the magical world. But first they have to survive it.


In this propulsive sequel to The Spells We Cast, sunshine/grump soulmates Nigel and Ori must overcome magical corruption and an evil force inside Nigel.


Still reeling from their deadly encounter with the Knife and the revelation that the Culling was unnecessary, soulmates Nigel and Ori have been thrust into a resistance movement overnight.


They'll do whatever it takes to end the tradition of greedy elites taking power from teen magicians. But with Alister rallying the Guild against them, a mysterious spell erasing the memories of every ally they recruit, and a dark force threatening to take control of Nigel, the road ahead is treacherous. Can Nigel and Ori's newfound love protect them as they fight for justice--and their lives?


The action-packed follow-up to The Spells We Cast will make readers laugh, swoon, cheer, and hold their breath right down to the stunning conclusion.



Street Date: October 1, 2024

The Magic You Make

SKU: 1368089240
  • Jason June

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