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You wanted a nemesis, Glenn Rasmussen? You got one.


I've already failed their pottery class once, and when they wouldn't let me sign up for summer school, they officially went on my shit list. And that was before they ridiculously suggested that I might have ADHD.


Yes, I'm still staring at their tattoos in class, and yes, their sense of style is enviable, and yes, when I hear them play their bass, my soul leaves my body a little bit. But that doesn't change anything; they're still annoying AF.


Every attempt to be nice just ends up making things worse. I scraped together my first project and blew up my second one. My final project is still sitting on the wheel as the minutes tick down on our final class, and I don't know how to finish the damn thing.


If I can't pass this class, I'm screwed. If I can't stay away from my instructor, I'm still screwed...but in a very different way.


If you like neurodiversity, bonding over thrift store fashion, and teacher-student without the power games, grab this steamy, queer romance now! This second book in the Portland Symphony series is best enjoyed in order, but can be read as a standalone. 




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