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Tyler barely escaped the clutches of the evil king, but now he's lost in Bramoria. With tensions on the rise and old friendships falling apart, can he find the Sage in time and save himself and his friends?


Calling on the power of the mage stone, Tyler manages to teleport him and his companions into the open air over the ocean. After a splash landing and finding themselves stranded on a small chain of islands, tensions rise and fights break out. However, the group quickly finds out that the islands hold their own dangers.


Caught unawares by sirens and a giant frog trapped in a dimensional bag, Tyler has his mage stone stolen and is poisoned. His time is running out. Putting on a burst of speed they make for the mainland, trying to find a way to save him before the toxin takes its toll. Not only that, but when Danny collapses from a terrible seizure, Tyler knows he has to call the Sage to help them. But using the magic to do it could cost him his life.

The Sage and the Phoenix is the second installment of the character-driven LGBTQ series, the Tales of Bramoria. Great for fans of isekai, portal fantasy, and dungeons and dragons.



The Sage and the Phoenix

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  • Blake R. Wolfe

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